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TSSCVPR promotes the cardiovascular and pulmonary profession. Obtaining/retaining reimbursement will provide a more stable future for all cardiac and pulmonary professionals. Members of TSSCVPR descended on Washington, DC for a "Day on the Hill" to educate representatives and senators on our profession and to discuss reimbursement issues. TSSCVPR will continue to work with congressmen to promote Medicare reimbursement for our services.

Strength in Numbers

TSSCVPR represents several states. We are much more powerful as a group than we are individually. Our ability to speak out on issues affecting cardiac and pulmonary professionals and our patients is tied to number of members we have. The more members, the stronger we are and the more money we have to put towards the resources we need to advocate for reimbursement.


TSSCVPR offers credibility and visibility for both programs and practitioners. TSSCVPR was established over 20 years ago, before AACVPR. TSSCVPR is increasingly known and respected throughout the United States. Messages for and about TSSCVPR programs and practitioners carry more weight than if they are perceived to be generated locally.

AACVPR Liaisons

Members of TSSCVPR serve on a variety of AACVPR committees. We have input into national issues!

News Now Emails

You will receive e-mails from TSSCVPR with breaking news and rapid response requests.


Easy access to other members across the region through the Membership and Facility Directories (available in the members only section of the website). Share ideas and problem solve with fellow TSSCVPR members.


The website contains local and national news updates. Chapter minutes are available to those who are unable to attend the chapter meetings. The Job Postings section is available for members only. You can ask questions of other facilities in the region through the Message Board. Visit the Resources Link section of the website to take advantage of a list of resources on a variety of related topics.

TriFacts Newsletter

The newsletter includes general reimbursement updates, educational articles, human interest stories, announcements, research updates, and articles on featured facilities.


Contact members of the TSSCVPR board for help in finding answers to your questions about issues affecting cardiac and pulmonary rehab.


Individual members receive discounts on TSSCVPR products and services. For example, members receive a discount on the registration fee for the annual symposium.


CEUs are available by attending the annual TSSCVPR Symposium and offered at approved chapter meetings.


A. Objectives

This code is designed to aid the members of the Tri-State Society for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (TSSCVPR), individually and collectively, to maintain a high level of ethical and professional conduct. The code may be considered a standard by which a member may determine the propriety of his or her conduct, relationship with colleagues, members of allied professions, the public and all persons with whom a professional relationship has been established. These should be concordant with the principal purpose of TSSCVPR, which is the improvement of clinical practice, promotion of scientific inquiry, and advancement of education for the benefit of health-care professionals and the public in the multidisciplinary field of cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation.

B. Maintenance of Good Standing in Regulated Professions

Any member required by law to be licensed, certified, or otherwise regulated in any government agency or professional association in order to practice his or her profession must remain in good standing before that agency or association as a condition of continued membership in TSSCVPR. Any expulsion, suspension, probation, or other sanction imposed by such government or professional body on any member may be grounds for disciplinary action by TSSCVPR.

  • Members should strive continuously to improve their knowledge and skills and to make available to their colleagues and to the public the benefits of their professional attainments.
  • Members should maintain high professional and scientific standards and should not voluntarily associate professionally with those who violate this principle.
  • TSSCVPR should safeguard the public and itself against members who are deficient in ethical conduct or professional competence.

C. Public Disclosure of Affiliation

Any member may make disclosure of their affiliation with TSSCVPR in an appropriate professional context, including curriculum vita, biographical description, or other professional purpose. Disclosure of affiliation may not be made in connection with any commercial venture without prior written authorization of TSSCVPR. A commercial venture is defined to mean the sale of goods, services or other property for compensation. Requests for such authorization should be made in writing to the President of TSSCVPR, follow the philosophy of TSSCVPR, and be approved by the affirmative vote of the required quorum of the Executive Board during a regular or special meeting.

The use of the name of "Tri-State Society for Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation" as a cosponsoring or cooperating organization for professional meetings, professional education programs, and the like must follow the philosophy of TSSCVPR, and be approved by the affirmative vote of the required quorum of the Executive Board during a regular or special meeting.

D. Discipline

Any member of TSSCVPR may be expelled or disciplined for conduct, which in the opinion of the Ad Hoc Ethical and Professional Conduct Committee is derogatory to the dignity or inconsistent with the philosophy of TSSCVPR. The accused member must be notified of the pending charge(s) at least ten (10) days prior to his/her hearing. The accused members must also be given an opportunity to refute such charge(s) at the Executive Board meeting where the hearing takes place. The expulsion or disciplinary action (i.e. reprimand, probation, or censure) of that member may be ordered upon the recommendation of the Ad Hoc Ethical and Professional Conduct Committee and the affirmative vote of the required quorum of the Executive Board during a regular or special meeting.